Splash Custom Surfaces
Splash Custom Surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why choose a splash Custom Surface?


A: It's simple! We offer functional, cost effective, attractive and long                           lasting alternatives to replacing concrete, asphalt, paving stone and wood         surfaces. All of our custom surfaces offer you safe, non-slip,                                      durable and non-cracking solutions to enhance your space.


Q: How long until I can use my new surface?


A: Depending on the application it can be ready to use in a little as 1hr or                   maximum 48 hrs after completion


Q: Is snow an issue?


A: No snow is not an issue. A plastic snow shovel and eco-friendly ice melter           are fine


Q: Are the surfaces hard to maintain?


A: Maintenace is a breeze. A hose and mild soap are usally only needed but we        do offer specialized cleaing products for some of our surfaces.



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